Williamson Tool & Engineering Pty Ltd is a family Company that has been established for over 70 years. It specialises in Precision General Engineering, CNC Milling, CNC Turning & CNC Horizontal Boring.

Since the company's establishment it has grown from a small engineering shop to one of the most extensive in Australia and is the home of some of the most technologically advanced equipment available.


Latest News

Williamson Engineering are very busy with Marine projects.

As mentioned in the news post below work continues with the manufacturing of a new cylinder barrel for the super maxi racing yacht 'Scallywag'. We now have a real deadline, Scallywag is entered in the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week.

Many other marine projects are bein worked on using many different materilas, click on 'more' for details. ... ....More

Scallywag (Ex Ragamuffin) after being forced to pull out of a race, turned to Williamson Engineering to get them back racing again
On Sunday (July 31, 2016) Scallywag (Ex Ragamuffin) the 100ft Super Maxi Racing Yacht had a failure with its hydraulic canting cylinder. They were on course to the Gold Coast in full race mode side by side with Wild Oats. The failure forced them to pull out of the race. Having entered in the Audi Hamilton Island Race week later this month they are in desperate need of a replacement. They came straight to Williamson Engineering to see what we could do to get them back on the water. . ... ....More

Williamson Engineering have just completed part of an overhaul of a Royal Australian Navy ship.
We have just completed part of an overhaul on a Navy ship that required us to work around the clock. We had to ensure there we no hold ups and the ship was not delayed in going back in the water. The surface finish requirements and tight tolerances were not something we would normally expect to see on a 6000 plus KG fabricated part. . ... ....More

Williamson Engineering working for the Marine Industry and machining various types of composite materials.
Recently we have been doing more work for the marine industry. Some of the work has included making complete Keels and Bulbs.
Composite machining has also become quite frequent. Machining various types of composite materials to customers specifications. The result being a very accurate component that is as efficient as designed. ... ....More

Williamson Engineering modifying and manufacturing high performance products for Formula 1 and SST 120 boats.
For the past few years we have been modifying and manufacturing high performance products for Formula 1 and SST 120 boats. Recently the enquiries have been increasing...... ..More

Williamson Engineering complete large sections and locking rings of a 2.4m dia Autoclave
Recently Williamson Tool and Engineering completed large sections and locking rings of a 2.4m dia Autoclave. All of the pre fabrication machining was done in house on our various CNC mills and borers....... ..More

Williamson Engineering work outside the square on a racing hull.
A 5m composite mono hull race boat (1750 Tunnel Deck Bullet) being checked, measured and machined to ensure optimum performance...... ..More

Williamson Engineering has completed yet another keel
This keel was machined from a piece of high strength plate. We then had it blasted and painted to marine specifications..... ..More

Williamson Engineering progresses the moulds for the foil for a Maxi Yacht
The Aluminium Moulds are going well. Both left and right hand foil moulds are well under way. With one currently being finished and the other being roughed. To reduce lead time and help ensure our customer meets his requested Dates we decided to get a second machine on the job........More

Williamson Engineering Machines a 6700mm shaft... March 2015
Machining a special purpose shaft that is a total of 6700mm long, in the final stages for the mining industry.......More

Williamson Engineering measures up... March 2015
A part of meeting the customers requirements we are measuring all dimensions using our portable CMM as a final check. We are then able to produce a report that is presented to the customer giving them reassurance that the job meets the specifications as required........More

Williamson Engineering: Using our Largest CNC Lathe we have a 6500mm long Drive shaft being machined for the mining industry... March 2015
Currently in our Largest CNC Lathe we have a 6500mm long Drive shaft being machined for the mining industry. There are some very tight tolerances and fine surface finishes specified. .......More

Williamson Engineering is currently machining a mould for a composite foil for a Maxi Yacht... March 2015
We are currently in the process of machining a mould for a composite foil off a Maxi Yacht. Keep posted for more information and photos over the coming weeks........More

Williamson Engineering completes a batch of 20 spools, each rough forging wheighs approx 20kg ..June 2014
We are just completing a batch of 20 spools we are semi rough machining pre heat treatment. The rough turned forgings weighed approx. 2500kgs.......More

Williamson Engineering takes on challenging job for Gordon Gas project of the coast of WA. ...February 2014
Not Long ago the team at Williamsons completed a challenging job for the Gorgon Gas project of the coast of Western Australia. The job was made up of 4 Super Duplex Shafts and 4 Inconel Nuts, (Both Materials being very abrasive and very difficult to machine). After trialling various types of cutting tools and conditions we got things right. . .....More

Williamson Engineering upgrades canting keel on Sydney to Hobart third place winner "Ragamuffin'
Late in 2013 Williamson Tool and Engineering was approached by the Sydney to Hobart crew of Ragamuffin 100 (Owned by Sid Fisher) to assist with the complete upgrade of the canting keel and all of the associated parts. As the keel was removed from the boat to commence the upgrade the job grew due to other potential problems being found. . .....More

Williamson Engineering are currently building their third custom chopper............December 2013
This build is proving a challenge due to the extreme custom configuration. With a huge 20 inch dia rear rim and a massive 26 inch dia front rim and its long lines it is shaping up well. The complete custom billet swing arm has just been completed. . .....More

5,000kg Drum being machined.........October 2013
Conveyor drum approx. 5000kg being machined after fabrication in our large CNC lathe. Once turning is complete they will go on one of our CNC horizontal borers to be drilled as per drawing. .....More

It's Spain Sailing at Williamsons.........October 2013
Williamson Tool and Engineering just completed 2 cylinders purpose built for a racing yacht in Spain. The cylinders were made from and exotic high strength Stainless Steel. .....More

Williamsons complete internal keyways on precision gears .....September 2013
Recently Williamson Tool & Engineering completed a number of internal Keyways on various shapes and sized precision gears. ...More